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Application Packaging Course Training in Ameerpet Hyderabad .


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What is Application Packaging.


APPLICATION PACKAGING MEANS : Process of creating an installer for an application is called application packaging. Usually in it binary files provided by developer's are packaged to form a package. The Main difference between packaging and re-packaging is that the source files does not come in the form of package in packaging where as in re-packaging they come in a form of package, which might be MSI or legacy package (such as executable, batch files, etc)


What is Application Re-Packaging.


Repackaging (Customized Installation) is the process of capturing the changes made by an Installation Program (Package) and it is designed to support company standards and distribution methods.


Application Packaging Class Room Training in Hyderabad

We offer Application Packaging And Application Virtualization INSTALLSHIELD ADMINSTUDIO And WISE PACKAGE STUDIO AND SCCM - 2012 Class Room Training in Hyderabad.


Application Packaging Online Training


We offer Application Packaging And Application Virtualization INSTALLSHIELD ADMINSTUDIO And WISE PACKAGE STUDIO AND SCCM - 2012 Online Training in United States, UK, Australia, Pune, Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore.
For Online Training : Any One is Intrested to Learn the Microsoft Application Packaging Online Training You Should need :


1. Any PC / Laptop.
2. Sound card with headphone and microphone attached.
3. Connected to Internet (at least 64 Kbps).


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Application Packaging Tools (or) Application Packaging Softwares


Application Packaging Tools:

1. App-V (Application Virtualization).


     A. SG Sequencer.

     B. SG Server.

     C. SG Client.


2. InstallShield Admin Studio.

3. Wise Package Studio.

4. Orca.

5. File Mon.

6. Reg Mon.

7. Process Monitor, Like..................



Microsoft Application Packaging Course Training Hyderabad - APP-V Course Training in Hyderabad


Microsoft SoftGrid is a Microsoft Application Virtualization (Also Known as APP-V; Formerly Microsoft SoftGrid) is a Application Virtualization and Application Streaming Solution from Microsoft. App-V is a fast-Growing Technology in Software (IT). App-V is a third Generation Technology, The Total IT (SOFTWARE) U Turn to Application Virtualization.

The Main Purpose of Application Virtualization is Virtually Application Run in to the En-Number of Client or User Machines Through the SERVER. Once we Sequencing the Application , That Sequencing out put we will Deploy in to the SG SERVER. En-Number of Client / User Machines get Short cut icon. once we Double click on Short cut Application will install Virtually and Application will work Virtually. No need to install Application in each Machine. Through SG SERVER Application will Run in to Client or User Machines.

Microsoft Application Virtualization ( APP-V ) it Contains 3 Key Components.


Microsoft SG SEQUENCER is a Application Virtualization (APP-V) Tool. Customizing or SEQUENCING the Application We use Use SG SEQUENCER. While SEQUENCING the Application, We Should Follow the Company Standards and Client Standard. We Should Follow the Standard in Suite name, Title, Comments, Server URL's, Etc. Once We Finish the SEQUENCING We get SEQUENCING Out put Files Like ( .ICO, .OSD, .SFT, .SPRJ ). These SEQUENCING Out put files we will Deploy in SG SERVER.

Microsoft SG SERVER is a Application Virtualization Deployment Server. SEQUENCING Out Put we will Deploy in to SG SERVER. Once we Complete the Deployment Process , Client or User Machines Desktops will get Short Cut icons. User or Client Launched the Short Cut, Application will Work the Client or User machines.

Microsoft SG Client or User it is a Testing Machine. We Check User or Client able to Access the Short Cut From SG SERVER. Once User got the Short cut, Without any Errors Application will Run in to the Client or Users Machines.


Msi Application Packaging Course Training Hyderabad - InstallShield Admin Studio Training Hyderabad


InstallShield Admin Studio is a powerful and easy-to-use installation development solution for creating Windows installations. With automated tools to productize, bundle and install your products in both traditional MSI and virtual format, InstallShield Admin Studio makes it easy for your customers to deploy and manage your applications when, where and how they are needed while providing a modern installation experience. The newest version of InstallShield, InstallShield 2012 Spring, was designed for the next generation of application producers working with today's complex packaging needs, to make it easy for development teams to be more agile, flexible and collaborative. Ideal for both novice and seasoned software installation developers, here are a few of the new key capabilities included in InstallShield 2012 Spring.


Wise Application Packaging Course Training Hyderabad - Wise Package Studio Training in Hyderabad


Wise Package Studio is an Application Life-Cycle Management solution used by deployment and desktop management teams to prepare applications for the enterprise. Based on a structured application management, packaging, and QA process known as enterprise Software packaging, Wise Package Studio helps administrators migrate to MSI-compatible application and patch packages while enabling high-quality, reliable deployments that support corporate standards. In turn, organizations can benefit from quick software rollouts, streamlined Windows Installer migration, and high return on Windows 2000 and Windows XP investments.

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